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Yes. However, before you get started, you’ll need to identify your needs, and that means determining whether you have enough workload to keep the team busy. You are free to expand the team size whenever you see fit if the need grows.

In terms of benefits, we can split it in two categories: short-term and long-term. Tax season overflow can sometimes lead to firms signing up, but that’s a temporary benefit. A long-term solution lies in offshore staffing. You should incorporate this into your business strategy rather than consider it a one-time event. Infinitee Global’s remote employees work under your direction and fully report to you, just as any other employee of yours.

There is no right or wrong approach to remote staffing or outsourcing. The benefits of both are different. For accounting and related tasks, however, outsourcing is not recommended. For operations outside your core business that are not repetitive, outsourcing might be the best option. Similarly treating the core operations in the same way may result in poor quality work delivery, and consequently turn the business group into an outcast. Furthermore, when you supervise your own staff, fatal mistakes are less likely to occur. If you outsource, then you may not be aware of who is working on the assigned task, as you may just be assigned an account manager. Also, your staff will learn on the job over time, and with experience they’ll only get better, which ultimately benefits your firm.

Several ways exist and our account manager can guide you and assist you with this. The key to establishing a trusting relationship with them is treating them as your own employees, making them feel comfortable with this relationship, and providing them with the confidence they require.

As far as accounting firms go, we only work with them.

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