Offshore Staffing For Accounting Firms

Offshore Staffing

In the current market, finding and retaining qualified professionals is the key challenge for Small and Mid-Sized CPA, Accounting and Tax firms. As part of our effort to help firms around the nation face and overcome this challenge, we have been able to assist a significant number of firms in transforming it into an opportunity to grow their firms. With Infinitee Global, you can hire Staff for all functions of accounting and tax firms, from tax preparations to payroll, accounting and bookkeeping to audits, state taxes and even administration and billing Starting at $8 (USD) / $10 (CAD) per hour.

Benefits Of Offshore Staffing

For Accounting Firms, offshore staffing offers a variety of benefits; the most valuable is reducing their labor costs by a great deal.
Save 75% on Labor Costs
Saving HR Bills & Overheads
No Infrastructure Costs
Transparent Hiring Process
No Additional Cost on Benefits
Flexible hiring Model
Easy Scalability
No Draconian Compliances
Direct Control & Management

Easy & Transparent Hiring

We have a simple and transparent hiring process that involves three steps.


The registration process is quite simple. The sign-up form is at the top of the page. Simply fill out your specifications and we will find candidates who most closely match your requirements.


Candidate resumes are shortlisted according to requirement specs and presented to you. For a complete picture of their expertise and competence, you can view their video interview and test.


We would like to hear the candidate(s) that you liked the most and the best time for him to join the company. As a result, you can have your remote staff fully functional. We will help with the setup.

Why Choose Us

Innovation is an integral part of the way we work and we implement it to raise the standards of quality and consistently increase our proficiency.


Our work is completely transparent


We are committed to keeping our commitments

Increase Your Profits

You’ll have more capital to invest in your business but less to spend.


Our priority is to keep trustworthy and to be loyal to our employees and clients in every single aspect of the work we do.

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